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What makes PCA churches distinct?

While it is our hope that the churches planted by VISIONLA will partner with other congregations and denominations which share a common thread in mission and vision, we do believe that we have something unique to offer in regards to our theological identity.

Our identity is that of a covenant community of churches embracing:

  • Biblical inerrancy and authority. The PCA's foundational commitment is to the Bible and the inspired Word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice.
  • A reformed-covenantal theology. The PCA's elders and deacons subscribe in good faith to the Westminster Confession of Faith. In addition, they hold to a historic-redemptive account of the Bible from beginning to end.
  • Mutual accountability. The PCA follows an ecclesiastical connection by holding to a Presbyterian style of church government among all our churches and by maintaining Biblical church discipline.
  • Cooperative ministry. The PCA seeks to accomplish more together than the separate units of the church could accomplish on their own (This is done by partnering with churches, presbytery, General Assembly, networks and like minded brothers and sisters in the Church of Jesus Christ worldwide).

Further, we believe that our churches must reflect the glory of the gospel in our lives. So, we seek to plant churches with tested and qualified church planters who have demonstrated that they can reflect God's love in their lives to others. It is our hope that these church planters will assist leaders in global cities to start churches with the same personal and congregational commitment.

You might be interested to know...How do we target our church planters

The major function of VISIONLA is to link together qualified church leaders with financial resources in order to plant churches.

Our planters are trained leaders, ordained men, who are carefully evaluated on their skills and gifts for church planting in various kinds of urban and suburban settings. The Presbyterian Church in America has a rigorous assessment center in which current and past church planters screen potential candidates. We do a further screening to see if those gifts match with the demands placed on a church planter in Los Angeles.

Once we have identified a potential planter, we seek to establish a relationship between the planter and VISIONLA. Through cooperation of agencies, mission groups, churches and individuals, our leaders will be equipped with the latest demographic and ethnographic research in order to best determine where to plant their church and what approach to use. We ask that our planters evaluate different models of church planting that might be creative and contextual to their field.

Further, we require that there be a period of time in which their ministry is supervised in order to provide support and accountability. Each church planter is asked to continue in their training through seminars, conferences and special meetings with a church planting coach/mentor.

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