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Plant Churches

Plant Churches in Los Angeles

"There are few works of the church as important as church planting. Healthy churches always find a way to assist in this vital program for the growth of the body fo Christ."

Walter Kaiser
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

What type of Churches...

...Are in Los Angeles

There are all kinds of wonderful Christ-centered churches in Los Angeles. In fact some of the most successful and nationally recognized churches are located in the greater Los Angeles basin. However, while these churches are doing great work, many are well aware that they cannot reach everyone, nor can they reach every culture. Greater Los Angeles is simply too larger and too diverse for these churches to do it alone. And, while some of these congregations are planting new churches within Los Angeles, sadly, many are not.

...Are needed?

We believe that we need to be committed to planting new churches which will reflect the following attributes:

  1. Worshiping churches, where ordained elders proclaim, teach, and apply the Word of God to all areas of life and the congregations worship God in spirit and in truth.
  2. Equipping and enabling churches, where fellowship and community is genuine and leads to members experiencing and practicing love for God, fellow Christians and all people.
  3. Discipling churches, where Christians seek the truth, depend on the grace of God, develop godly leaders for future generations, plant churches, and minister to a broad range of peoples throughout the world.
  4. Reforming churches, where churches reflect the many ethnic peoples of the world, display the compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ in various ministries of mercy and transform the culture in which they work and live for Christ by working towards a renewal of gospel vitality in all the congregations of the city.

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