Accomplishing the Vision in Three Phases

Phase 1: 2006 -2010 Five Year Campaign: $1,500,000

Simply stated, the first phase of VISIONLA seeks to plant 5 strategic churches in the greater Los Angeles basin by the year 2010. In order to establish these churches, we are seeking donors and prayer partners who see the urgency of the need; share our vision for Los Angeles and who will be committed with us for the first five years.

The First Five Church Plants 2006-2010

It is our hope that these churches will enable us to establish a healthy base of congregational support, which will then be reinvested into VISIONLA, by the year 2010.

VISIONLA will invest 1/3 the total of each of these five individual church budgets, with a maximum of $250,000 per church. In addition to the funding granted from VISIONLA, it is expected that each new church during this period will raise the remaining 2/3 of their total budget during their first four years of operation through additional donations and growing congregational support.

In order to meet our five year goal of $1,250,000 for church planting and cover our operating expenses of $50,000 yearly, VISIONLA seeks to raise $300,000 annually starting in 2005. Therefore we are asking donors to consider a five year pledge to help us achieve our mission.

VISIONLA 5 Year Operating Budget: $50,000 per year

This operating budget will enable us cover the cost of all our promotional material, travel expenses and demographic research for VISIONLA.

VISIONLA First Five Churches: $250,000 each

As described above, each of the five churches in Phase 1 will receive a grant towards their total budget. Each church will determine its operating budget based on location, staffing needs and operating expenses. While each budget will differ, VISIONLA is committed to providing 1/3 of their total budget (not to exceed a total of $250,000) frontloaded over the course of three years. We believe that this initial investment will launch our churches on a financially solid foundation.

Phase 1 Budget Breakdown Pie Chart
Phase 2: 2010 - 2015

We expect for VISIONLA to significantly decrease in its operating budget*. However, while we fully expect a need for some operational expenses, VISIONLA will seek to gain funding for these expenses from within the Pacific Presbytery so as to ensure that all of the resources given to plant churches in this phase are used to do just that...plant churches.

Our New Churches in Phase 2:

Strategically, we are decreasing our initial investment with each church plant from $250,000 to $125,000, which will enable us to plant 10 new churches. Therefore, we anticipate a greater need for our church plants to raise outside funding. However, we are confident that with the greater awareness to the work in Los Angeles, support will be much easier to raise than it has been in the past. Further, we trust that some of our phase 1 donors will want to continue beyond their first five year commitment by helping individual church plants.

Phase 3: 2015 - 2020

Again, just as in Phase 2 we expect the operating expenses of VISIONLA to be minimal and to be covered from within the Pacific Presbytery.

Our New Churches in Phase 3:

By 2015 we anticipate having 15 new churches within the greater Los Angeles basin. Similar to phase 2, we are strategically decreasing our initial investment with each church plant which will enable us to plant 15 new churches bringing our total to 30 new churches in Los Angeles by the year 2020. Accomplishing the Vision Total Budget 2006- 2020

Total Budget Bar Chart

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