How is VISIONLA Different from the Current System?

Currently, a man desiring to plant a PCA church within Los Angeles is responsible to raise 100% of his funding. Obviously this places a great stress on the church planter, his family and the future congregation that will be expected to support the entire budget within a few short years.

In the past, some of our best church planters have chosen to plant churches in other areas of the country where the cost of living was less and where there was some support with outside funding. For example; a qualified man might choose to plant in an area where he only needs to raise 1/2 to 1/3 of his total budget. This happens in areas of the country where large PCA churches can support such efforts.

Our proposal is to do something of the same sort, though without the single large church component. We believe that the need to plant Gospel centered churches in greater Los Angeles has never been greater and the time to do so is now. Therefore, we are proposing that VISIONLA act as the large church by raising funds that will enable our planters to start strong by providing a significant portion of money upfront. We believe that in doing so, VISIONLA and the Pacific Presbytery will be able to attract the most gifted and qualified church planter in the future who will in turn plant healthy thriving churches that support other greater Los Angeles basin plants.

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