Dear Friends,

I am glad that you have decided to visit this web site and delighted to share with you through these short pages the ministry of VISIONLA.

VISIONLA is a new church planting ministry specifically targeting the greater Los Angeles basin.

In order to help you better understand our vision and commitment, we have prepared this web site. Our hope is that it will serve to provide you with basic information about our ministry, our purpose, our plans for the future, and information on how you can become involved.

Perhaps you have prayed for Los Angeles for a long time and want to see more churches in the area serving Christ, or maybe you are curious regarding why a new church would be needed in Los Angeles. While we cannot cover every topic, we have tried to clearly outline the values we place on ministry and the need we see to start new churches in Los Angeles. Our hope is that you find most of your questions answered, and maybe a few questions answered you had not thought of asking.

Our desire is that as you read through the pages that we have prepared, you will be encouraged by our work and choose to get involved in any capacity; for we are convinced that the need for new churches in Los Angeles has never been greater and the time to plant is now.

In Him,

Brannin Pitre